FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions & Definitions

Definition of Grief

An intense  EMOTION you feel after a loved one passes away. It is an emotion that penetrates nooks and crannies of your soul you did not know existed.  



Why do widows grieve?     They grieve because they loved their husband.  The more you love someone the more you grieve when they move to heaven.

How do I help a widow?

Just be there. 

That is the number 1 way to help a widow.  Whether it is listening or lending a shoulder for her to cry on, just be there.   Don’t just be there now, but months and years from now as well.

What do I say to a widow?    Say ‘I’m Sorry”, I’m sorry for your loss” and based on the nature of your relationship “I love you.” Then if appropriate, give her a hug.

Will a widow get over her grief?  Short Answer:  No.  Long Answer:  Grief cannot be gotten over, around, or under.  The only way out is through grief.

When does a widow get through her grief?    Never.    The grief journey gradually fades away but never leaves the widow.  It will return during holidays, anniversaries and special family events.

Why is she not grieving as long as I expect her too? 

  • Everyone grieves differently, therefore do not impose your timetable on her.
  •  She probably got rid of a lot of her grief while taking care of him if he was sick before his passing.

Why does she show her emotions?  It is healthier for her to get her feelings out than keep them bottled up inside.  Keeping feelings bottled up will eventually eat away at her from the inside out causing mental or physical issues.


What is a widow? 

A married woman whose husband passed away either suddenly or after an extended illness.

Is a woman still a widow after she re-marries?

No & Yes.

If I remarry I will be known as George’s wife.  However when people talk about Joe, I will always be referred to as his widow who is now married to George.

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