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My Blog Disclosure Policy

  1. Welcome to my blog. Whether you are a reader, a business associate, or a new friend, let’s partner together!
  1. My blog generates an income which goes back into making JoyReturns a better resource for widows, and others who are grieving.
  2. My content is about my adventures through widowhood. The adventures consist of but are not solely limited to grief, joy, and life as a widow (including fitness and nutrition).

 It is my hope that by sharing my stories, thoughts and opinions, widows are educated and encouraged by what they read.

  1. You will find God, Jesus and the Bible woven through out a lot of my posts. It was my faith that helped get me through the grief after Joe suddenly passed away.
  2. Any paid advertising or product promotion will be clearly marked.
  3. I promote products I believe in and have or are currently using. My opinions are my own and always honest. I will tell you if a company sent me a free product or paid me to talk about it.
  4. Some of the links on my blog are affiliate links, which means if you click on them I get a small portion of the sales, at no extra cost to you. Thank you! I still wish you a joyful life even if you do not click on a link. I thank you for taking time out of your productive day to read JoyReturns.


I’m your grief cheerleader and not a licensed grief counselor, doctor, therapist, or nutritionist.

I am your online mentor and support person, here to encourage and cheer you on through your grief journey. 

I know joy does return for a widow or any other grieving person, but you have to do the work. The work will vary depending upon:

  • which loved one moved to heaven
  • the circumstances of their passing
  • your relationship with them

I am not responsible for you choosing not to work through your grief journey.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to me and I am committed to protecting it. I ask for your email address when you comment on JoyReturns but I will never sell or share that information unless you are the winner of giveaway. Then I will only give it out to that particular sponsor so they can send you your prize (ie. if it’s an e-gift certificate). When you give your address after you have won a giveaway on JoyReturns, I will only send this information to the sponsor for prize shipment and no one else will have access to it. (There are no giveaway’s being offered at this time.)

You will also find links to third-party websites on this site. I am not responsible for their privacy policies so please check with the individual site’s own privacy policy should have a concern.

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, please contact me at Michele dot Kearns @ JoyReturns.com. (Spelled out to avoid spam, which I hate.)