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Wednesday Lenten Wisdom: Magnify

Ash Wednesday was not a big deal in my childhood because I grew up Presbyterian. Maundy Thursday was the big day for us during the Lenten season. We would get all gussied up and go to church for communion service. There might have been a prayer vigil on Friday but not sure.

This season is a wonderful time to do something positive. Because by the end of 40 days that positive just might become an ongoing habit. Your ongoing habit will change you and your little corner of the world.

Here is one positive action that was inspired by a verse from the Psalms. It came to mind about an hour ago.

The key word being magnify which Merriam-Webster defines as:

bto cause to be held in greater esteem or respect

We The People do not respect God anymore. He is like a pesky insect ruining society’s picnic and needs to be squashed. Instead of viewing God as something small that can’t do anything, why don’t We The People work on developing more respect for Him. He is the great I AM. He has no limits, possess infinite power, and rules over all.

We The People are the pesky ants ruining His picnic and have been since the garden of Eden. NEWSFLASH: He loves us anyway!

So give up something for the next 40 days but also work on developing a greater respect for God. How to do that, I do not know. That will vary from person to person. Praying about it will provide your answer.

Just imagine the joy in your little corner of God’s world by Easter.

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