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Happy Birthday Johnathan Mayhew

For those new to JoyReturns, history is one of my joys. It was my favorite subject in school.

Enjoy today’s historical post.

My favorite person from history is Rev. Johnathan Mayhew (October 8, 1720 – July 9, 1766). Without his sermon on Romans 13, it is possible our country might not have been set up as a constitutional republic.

His sermon  Discourse Concerning Unlimited Submission is called by some as the first shot in the American Revolution. It was read by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was so influenced by Rev Mayhew’s sermon, he incorporated some thoughts in the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence.

Those who resist a reasonable and just authority, which is agreeable to the will of God, do really resist the will of God himself; and will, therefore, be punished by him. But how does this prove, that those who resist a lawless, unreasonable power, which is contrary to the will of God, do therein resist the will and ordinance of God?

Johnathan Mayhew – “Discourse Concerning the Unlimited Submission and Non-Resistance to Higher Authorities.”

Thus, upon a careful review of the apostle’s reasoning in this passage, it appears that his arguments to enforce submission, are of such a nature, as to conclude only in favor of submission to such rulers as he himself describes; i.e., such as rule for the good of society, which is the only end of their institution. Common tyrants, and public oppressors, are not entitled to obedience from their subjects, by virtue of anything here laid down by the inspired apostle.

Johnathan Mayhew – “Discourse Concerning the Unlimited Submission and Non-Resistance to Higher Authorities.”

Since God is love, can not do evil, and has our best interest at heart, why would he want us to follow a tyrannical government that does not have our best interest at heart?

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God always, always shows up.

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