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Contact the Manufacturer

When a product you bought quits working you need to contact the manufacturer who made the defective item. You might be alerting them to a bigger issue.

A quick Google search will help you find their contact information or you can read the warranty documents included with your purchase.

The same is true when it comes to people who are defective. You need to contact the manufacturer, God, about the defective person(s). He already knows about their sin (cause of defectiveness).

You contact God via PRAYER. Unlike companies, His toll-free number is answered 24/7 with results visible when He decides it is the appropriate time.

Not sure what to pray? Google prayers to pray over people or read the warranty document called the Bible. There are numerous prayers and verses that can be prayed when having a conversation with God about a person’s sinful behavior.

Imagine the joy you will feel praying for another person and imagine the joy your prayer brings God.

Bio: Michele Kearns is the founder and HUG© (Hope Unites Globally) Award-Winner of JoyReturns. She shares her widowhood adventures hoping to inspire widows to move through grief and rebuild their lives. Michele is the amateur photographer behind the blog OgleOhio.com.