Project 3:16 – 1 Kings

This week and next we are discovering ancient Israel’s monarchy, excluding Kings David and Saul (covered in 1 & 2 Samuel).

The theme according to the introduction is:

These two books set out to provide for their readers an explanation of Israel’s later monarchic period in terms of the theological vision outlined in the book of Deuteronomy so that these readers can move forward in their present times with a solidly grounded faith in the one God who controls both nature and history.

Introduction To 1 – 2 Kings (ESV) pg 585

Hmmm….. sounds somewhat pertinent to what we are living through.

Soloman’s Sword

Then two prostitutes came to the king and stood before him.

1 Kings 3:16 (ESV)

1 Kings 3:16 starts the well-known story of two women fighting over a baby. One mother rolled over and crushed her newborn, then switched it while the other woman was asleep. The fight began when the other woman woke up.

To settle the dispute over who was the mother of the child, they took the matter to King Solomon. He decided the only fair to literally split the child in two. However, the true mother stopped Solomon from killing her child and said the other woman could have him. Because of her willingness to give the child to the other woman so he could live, Solomon said she was the true mother and ordered the child given to her.

My Prayer

Given the rough and tumble times we are currently going through, may God put on your heart the desire to read 1 and 2 Kings. And may you move forward with a solid faith that God is still on the throne and in control no matter what the future holds.

God bless you.

Have a joy-filled day adjusting to springing forward.

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