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Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Last week I wrote about the importance of learning new skills this year. Well, I decided I needed to put my money where my mouth is, so I started learning how to tie various knots.

I got this small kit on Amazon and figured I would start here and if I did well, then pick up a book and some rope to learn more.


This is my first attempt at a bowline – “a knot that will not jam” according to the plastic card. It was easy to tie.

Sheet Bend

This easy to tie knot is for joining two lines, including two lines of different sizes. (I tried to rotate this picture but nothing I did worked.)

This little kit is a great starting point for learning how to tie knots. Each card is plastic and some have instructions for two knots on the front and back.

Also included were two different cords and a carabiner clip you use for tying a knot. My plan was to hook the carabiner clip to the decorative post on the deck and then tie the knots on the clip. However, the weather has been too dang cold. It is a “balmy” 7 degrees as I write this post (Saturday morning).

This inexpensive kit is a great way for anyone to start and learn knot tying.

This is the new skill I am learning. When will I use this skill, I do not know but it is knowledge that can not be taken away from me. I plan on learning other skills this year and will keep you posted when I do.

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