For Such A Time As This

The story of Esther has been on my mind for several weeks. I keep coming back to the phrase “for such a time as this.”

Today at 1 p.m. Eastern a joint session of Congress will meet to certify the votes and accept the new administration. There will be challenges to the votes from both members of the House and Senate.

Voices will be raised in anger and frustration. The whole proceeding will be messy.

But I know that every member of Congress was born for such a time as this.

God knew long before He created the world that We The People were the right ones for such a time as this. We are the best ones to deal with the outcome no matter what happens in the Capitol building this afternoon.

Not only are the members of Congress born for such a time as this, but the rules and regulations our founding fathers set forth regarding the presidential election, and the election code that was written over 100 years ago were written for such a time as this too.

13 Mordecai told the messenger to reply to Esther, “Don’t think that you will escape the fate of all the Jews because you are in the king’s palace. 14 If you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will come to the Jewish people from another place, but you and your father’s family will be destroyed. Who knows, perhaps you have come to your royal position for such a time as this.”

Esther 4:13 – 14 (Christian Standard Bible)

I will be praying through out the day – before work, breaks, lunch, and after work regarding the certification. My prayer is God grants the men and women with wisdom and keeps our republic free; for without freedom, We The People will not have safety and security.

Also I will be praying for no violence whether the Trump supporters are gathered in Washington D.C. or any of the state capitals.

Those are crazy things to pray, but this widow has a crazy faith in God, who will still be on the throne after the certification.

26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26 (Christian Standard Bible)

Won’t you join me in praying for the congressional meeting this afternoon?

Remember, you were born for such a time as this.

God Bless You.

Bio: Michele Kearns is the founder and HUG© (Hope Unites Globally) Award-Winner of JoyReturns. She shares her widowhood adventures hoping to inspire widows to move through grief and rebuild their lives. A graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor’s degree in communications, she’s currently using those skills as a virtual logistics contact center representative for a Fortune 100 company. She’s also managed call center teams, co-facilitated a grief support group, and helped small businesses with various writing assignments. Michele is a bookworm, and a lover of history, music, chocolate, red roses, and golden retrievers. She is also the amateur photographer behind the blog OgleOhio.com.