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Introvert Weekend Wisdom: Connection and Community

Author’s Note: Welcome to Weekend Wisdom. I forgot to explain Weekend Wisdom for the readers new to my blog. Weekend Wisdom started shortly after JoyReturns inception (Jan 2011). On weekends I decided to post quotes, scripture, poems that would provide you with encouragement, laughter or something to think about. Doing this meant I only had to come up with 5 original blog posts a week instead of seven.

Today’s quote come from the chapter Meaningful Connection in The Powerful Purpose Of Introverts, Why The World Needs You To Be You by Holley Gerth.

Community isn’t something we find; it’s something we create one person at a time.

Holley Gerth, The Powerful Purpose of Introverts, Why The World Needs You To Be You. (Meaningful Connection Chapter – Kindle location 1143

Create community by having deep, meaningful one-on-one conversations while sitting on a bench at a park or a public square such as the one located in downtown Medina, Ohio.

Gazebo at Medina Square, Medina, OH.

The square is part of the Medina section of the Buckeye Trail which Emma Gatewood helped create. She is the first person to walk the entire Appalachian Trail. Holley tells her story in this chapter.

Your assignment this week sit on a park bench, without a mask (smart people never wear a mask while out in the fresh air), and see what happens. Don’t fret if no one sits on the bench with you, it’s this thing called Covid-19 – not a sign that no one wants to speak to you.

Have a great week


God Bless You.

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