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None Like Him – Jen Wilkin – My Review

We think of God as human.

We put limitations on what God can and can not do.

However, limitations apply to us mere mortals and not to God.

In None Like Him, 10 ways God is different from us (and why that is a good thing), Jen Wilkin explains the attributes God possesses that we do not.

They are:

  • Infinite – The God of No Limits
  • Incomprehensible – The God of Infinite Mystery
  • Self-Existent – The God of Infinite Creativity
  • Self-Sufficient – The God of Infinite Provision
  • Eternal –The God of Infinite Days
  • Immutable – The God of Infinite Sameness
  • Omnipresent – The God of Infinite Place
  • Omniscient – The God of Infinite Knowledge
  • Omnipotent – The God of Infinite Power
  • Sovereign – The God of Infinite Rule

Wilkin explains each attribute in it’s own chapter after starting out with an introduction on becoming a God-fearing woman based on Psalm 111:10.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom

Psalm 111:10
Jen Wilkin
None Like Him
10 Ways God Is Different From Us
(and why that is a good thing)

pg 11

She points out that this does not mean we are to be women cowering in fear but women of reverence and awe of our God.

IncomprehensibleThe God of Infinite Mystery

Last Sunday’s Weekend Wisdom came from chapter two which is about the incomprehensibility of God.

Because God is infinite, he is incomprehensible, unable to be fully known. Because humans are finite, we are able to be fully known. And the implications of our knowability should change the way we live.

Jen Wilkin
None Like Him
10 Ways God Is Different From Us
(and why that is a good thing)

pg 35

People go through life claiming they know all about God, how He operates and why He does what He does. There is just too much about God for us to fully and easily comprehend.

However, Wilkin points out that while we are not able to fully know God, He has permitted us to know some things about Him. Think about that fact. Then give thanks and worship Him with awe and reverence.

I’ve often said God does not tell us all there is to know about Him in the Bible, but He tells us what we need to know about Him and how to live this life well.

My Favorite Chapter

Chapter 4 in which Wilkin explains why God is self-sufficient and we are not is my favorite. I hate the term self-sufficiency and have for as long as I can remember but more on that in another blog post.

Our God is self-sufficient, needed by all, needful of nothing. Certainly not us.

Jen Wilkin
None Like Him
10 Ways God is Different From Us
(and why that’s a good thing)
pg 59

At the end of each chapter you will find Bible verses for meditation, questions for reflection and space to write a prayer. (I tried to get pictures of this but they would not load properly.)

I highly recommend None Like Him as it explains the ways God is different in a clear and concise manner. It is a book desperately needed for such a time as this. Our world needs to be reminded that God is God and humans are not God.

However God loves us anyway.

That should make anyone stop and give thanks with awe and reverence.

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