Kelly Balarie’s Battle Ready

I’ve been blessed once again to be on Kelly Balaire’s book launch team, this time for her second book Battle Ready; Train Your Mind, Conquer Challenges, Defeat Doubt and Live Victoriously.

It is about time someone wrote this book. It is filled with practical tips and actionable items you can do. It is boot camp for your mind.

Kelly also has an arsenal of other weapons at

The Battlefield of Your Mind

The mind is where the greatest battles are fought. Battle Ready will:

  • help you change your thoughts so you can launch a counter-attack in the battle you are enduring (because we are all in some type of battle)
  • help you be proactive so you are prepared for the next siege the enemy unleashes on you.

Kelly’s book on my physical battlefield.


Meant to be Beat Up

Battle Ready will have you dog-earing pages, using a pen, highlighter, coloring pencils and Post-It Notes. Some pages are even suitable for framing – with washi tape.


The point being, this book is meant to be used.

It is not meant to be read and put on a shelf.

The Mindsets

Kelly writes about the 12 Warrior Mindsets:

Possibility, Identity, Sensitivity, Activity, Humility, Objectivity, Bounce-Back Ability, Simplicity, Eternity, Positivity, Intensity, and Impossibility.

Every mindset has verses, lists, quotes, and prayers to help you retrain your thoughts. They also have wise words from Kelly based on her experiences.

My Warrior Mindset

Have you been dealt a major blow – such as job loss or sewer backup?


Be like me and live in Warrior Mindset number 7 – Bounce-Back Ability.

Bouncing back from sewer back up was not fun but it was easy compared to bouncing back into a full-time job that pays all the bills and lets me save for things such as a sweeper and car repairs.

My call center job feels repetitive at times and there are days I do not want to commute across the hall to work, but I keep doing it because people need my help.

I use my knowledge to tell them their package’s location, when they will be delivered and help them locate packages that went AWOL (Absent With Out Leave).

So I keep James 1:12 in mind as I march forward every day because not every call goes well. 

That is just the nature of call center work.



Developing Your Battle Plan

Kelly even created a 90 day prayer journal for use in developing your own battle plan.

Every one of us is a unique individual fighting our own battles. So my battle plan will not look like yours.



In Easy Reach

This book along with a few cherished others will be beside my Bible – I just need to figure out where I want to put this collection of books. Do they belong in my office, beside my bed, or beside the chair in the living room? That I am not sure.

The one thing I am sure of is Battle Ready is on my desk every day for easy reference.

And it belongs on your desk, next to your Bible as well so you are well equipped with the armor of God.

Thank you, Kelly, for creating a wonderful, arsenal of weapons.


The following is a list of weapons for your training, so you will live victoriously.

Battle Ready

Battle Ready Journal (90 Days)

You Version Reading Plan


(Disclaimer: As part of Kelly’s book launch team, I received a free digital and hard copy of Battle Ready. All views are my own. All links are non-affiliate.)


red-rose_signatureBio: Michele Kearns is the founder and HUG© (Hope Unites Globally) Award-Winner of JoyReturns. She shares her widowhood adventures hoping to encourage widows to move through grief and rebuild their lives. A graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor’s degree in communications, she’s used those skills while managing call center teams, facilitating a grief support group and helping small businesses with various writing and administrative assignments. Michele is a bookworm, lover of chocolate, red roses and golden retrievers and is an amateur photographer. You can see her photographs at













My Battles

What battles am I trying to bounce back from:

working every day at a job that does not pay the bills but instead, keeps me in poverty.  Yes, it is challenging and I learn something new every day and I am blessed to be working but I want to pay my bills every month and have money left over for things such as a new sweeper, car repairs and other things that come up.

lack of desire, of motivation because I’ve been fighting the rebuilding a career battle for so long.

Fighting the societal battle of widows being crap, of being worthless, and of having cooties. The book of James gives the mandate to help widows and society says No!

Speaking of crap – here is my latest battle:


Short-lived torrential downpours are too much for the city’s sewer system, so it backs up into my basement. The last thing I needed to be doing was buying towels yesterday at Big Lots to put down on the basement floor. They were $4.00 a piece but that is $20.00 that would be better spent elsewhere.

Here is the Bounce-Back Ability verse Kelly suggests for this Warrior Mindset:


I’ve been repeating this verse while cleaning up today and will continue with all my other battles as well.

And so I will keep persevering through my trials to one day receive the crown of life the Lord has for me as it is much better than the crown of thorns this life gives me.


Battle Ready will help me persevere and it will you as well.

We are all going through a battle, so, therefore, buy this book and a Bible too if you do not already have one. Use them both. Look up the verses Kelly uses throughout the book and read the entire chapter.

Well back to the basement, as another torrential downpour has started. I am adding dam building with towels as a skill on my resume.