The River Kearns

Come along with me as we journey to the mouth of the River Kearns, a 95-foot long body of water that flows through my yard. Joe and I bought property that backs up to woods but the bad part is our yard has a gully. It has been filling up with water lately due to the deluge of rain here in Northeast Ohio.

While rain is better than snow, a lot of areas are flooding. Upon waking Sunday morning, I checked my phone and saw a flash flood warning. So before breakfast and work, I was once again raking the muck, pebbles, and grass from the drain. I also attempted to flatten it so the water flows easily into the drain.

If the drain is blocked the river backs up into my other neighbor’s yard. This would normally be Joe’s job but it’s been mine for the past 10 years. It is just another skill I get to add to my resume – muckraker. That skill perfectly compliments my ability to build a dam with bath towels (which is a subject for another post).

The good news is today will be sunny and 56 degrees so the river will dry up, just in time for another 3 days of rain starting tomorrow night.

All photos were taken with my Moto Z phone.


Monday 2/19


Saturday 2/24 at 6:50 a.m. (It was not a bright out as it looks in this picture.)

Consider this your invitation – If the river appears this summer, bring your speedos, bikini’s and inner tubes and we will float down the River Kearns together while sipping umbrella drinks. The trip will last 95 feet at which point we will crash into the other neighbor’s chain link fence.      😀

I got to laugh and make fun of events life hands me, it’s how a keep my sanity.



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