Michele’s Red-dee for Christmas Mall Walk

This is the week I completed my goal for the end of the 7-week Faithful Finish Lines fitness program.

Today’s weather was rainy, with some snow mixed in so an outdoor walk was impossible.

I struggled with this round because of my goal, another mall walk was so unless appealing. Then just before I left an idea came to me – red. So I wore my red earrings, lipstick and watch and decided to take pictures of red at the mall. Some of the pictures did not turn out well.

My focus for the walk was not speed, or distance but the number of steps. A couple weeks ago I did 2500 steps, so I had an idea of what route I wanted to go. In measuring steps, that meant I could go shopping in order to break up the monotony of doing laps.

So I walked the upper and lower levels, the main concourse and through Macy’s, Dillard’s, Bare Minerals, Sephora, and Penney’s.

Total steps 3,550, 2,485 meters, time 38:59 and 137 calories burned.

Below are some scenes from my walk.

An expensive gag gift – the Browns are on their way to 0-16 season.     🤣😂🤣
Rest break
Me at the North Pole. Video of polar bears playing in Santa’s house.

So it did not turn out as Red as I wanted but weather permitting, I will try it next Wednesday.