My Fiercehearted Journey Begins 

Holley Gerth’s new book Fiercehearted:Living Fully, Loving Bravely arrived yesterday. It releases October 3rd, but I received an advance copy because I am a member of her book launch team.

I read two chapters last night before the sinus infection told me to go to bed. It is already marked up with hilighter and notes penciled in the margins.

Guilty As Charged

The sentence pictured above is what I am guilty of doing sometimes when I get angry. Even though my temper is inherited, that is not a valid reason for slipping into the abyss of darkness, bitterness and hardness. I am aware of my weakness, so I must control my response to anger.

I do control my anger and moodiness better than previous generations, but there is always room for improvement.      😀

More, More, More

Look for more posts inspired by Holly’s book in the weeks to come. There will also be a full review once I finish reading it.

You can learn more about the book and pre-order it at Fiercehearted.com.