Instagram Joins JoyReturns

You will notice I’ve added the Instagram widget. It is a peek into bits and pieces of my everyday life. I am not sure if it will be a permanent feature on JoyReturns but will try it for now.

August Instagram

During August I ran a series called 31 Hot August Ohio Nights, which was inspired by the classic Neil Diamond song Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show. Every night I took a picture of night time in Ohio.

It is good for me to do this series as being a Virtual Logistics Call Center Representative I am home all day so after my shift, I am forced to go outside and snap a picture. This also gets me using my brain in a different way than I did in the previous 8 hours.

September Instagram

A couple weeks ago, I remembered another one of Neil’s songs is September Morn and September follows August so I need to do 30 Ohio September morn’s. The major hurdle is – I am NOT a morning person. Oh well, we all need to step outside our comfort zone so we can learn and grow.

Not sure how I am approaching this series but you just might find pictures of 30 different coffee mugs.      😀

Oh, and Ogle Ohio (my photography blog) will play a role in this challenge as well.

Here is Neil to get this party started.

Thank you to Stuckon70sAgain

Thank you to Jefferson Weiller