Welcome To My Hot Mess

Yesterday I gave you a heads up that JoyReturns was getting a make over and you would either see a sleek new site or a hot mess site.

Well, welcome to my hot mess.

I did have a new theme picked out but discovered that when I change the background to a pattern or one of my photographs, you can not read the blog post. There was no white page on top of the back ground.

Well, Fiddle dee dee.

There are numerous other themes that have the same issue. So after playing around with about 99% of the available theme’s, I called it quits about midnight.


I will keep looking and playing around with themes so you never know when you will stop by and see a brand new site.

It is now midnight and I’ve been at this since work ended at 7 p.m.



1 thought on “Welcome To My Hot Mess”

  1. I know the feeling Michelle. I’ve had that problem too whenever I decided to give my site a face lift. Keep trying and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

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