Joyful Jems – A 1970’s Variety Show Blog Post

Welcome to Joyful Jems – a link post filled with encouraging, interesting and/or helpful links. The links are to a variety of posts that deal with everything from goals, grief, chocolate, entertainment and what I am doing now.  I like to think of this post as a 1970’s variety show – a little bit of something for everyone.

I have been toying with doing a link roundup type post for some time but Darren Rowse, the Godfather of Blogging, challenged us in his Facebook group to do one. So I decided to attempt the challenge. (Darren is the man behind Problogger and Digital Photography School. I subscribe to both sites.)

Goal Advice That Never Goes Out of Style

It is only appropriate to start this post with a link to one of his posts containing advice that applies to everyone – How To Achieve Your Goals-Hint #1. 

Whether you are heading off to college, entering your senior year of high school, dealing with a career transition or even grief remember –

Only goal setters who are goal writers are truly goal achievers.”

Darby Checketts’

If I had followed this articles age old advice, maybe my life would not be resembling the Titanic and I would not be sliding down the deck towards the cold water.

Coming Soon – Fiercehearted

I am a member of Holley Gerth’s book launch team for her book Fiercehearted: Live Fully, Love Bravely.  The link will take you to the site where you can pre-order and receive wonderful gifts. I am reading excerpts right now until the book arrives in my mailbox.

Book launch teams are how I get my socialization since I work odd hours and odd days (Friday – Tuesday). Well, at least that is my schedule this week. Days and hours worked change fast in my life.

There will be future blog posts about this book and my experience being a Fiercehearted Warrior on her team.


Powerful Podcast Showcasing Powerful Faith

In researching links for this post, I came across Rory Vaden’s Action Catalyst Podcast, which provides “Insights And Inspiration To Help You Take Action.” This episode deals with getting through grief. His guest is Debbie Lee, author, public speaker and CEO of America’s Mighty Warriors. 

It is a powerful testimony of God’s work in helping her get through grief.

“You pass through the majority of grief by walking through it.” 

Debbie Lee

Rory Vaden’s Action Catalyst Podcast #208

Calling All Chocolateholics 

OMG!  I have not made this yet, but how can something with double chocolate be bad? I am a firm believer in eating everything in moderation and exercise. My maternal grand father even ate the marrow out of ham bones. It was Emphysema that killed him and not his diet. Here is the recipe from Buns in the Oven. 

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Cure For A Bad Day – Pure Entertainment

Each one of these posts will end with a clip from a 1970’s variety show. Today’s clip comes from the Youtube Channel – Retro Channel Anglo. These videos are designed to take those of you over a certain age, on a trip down memory lane. For you youngin’s these videos will showcase what good quality music is all about. The 70’s were musically a happier, more upbeat decade.

Today’s clip is After the Lovin’ by Englebert Humperdink.