June’s Coming Attractions

arrangement5Besides the 52 Bible Verses for a Joy Filled Year series, you will read about dreams and not quenching the spirit in others. The post is based on 1 Thessalonians 5:19.



A post about lessons learned so far being a Virtual Customer Service Representative will run around mid-month. I will also be sharing before, during and after pictures of my office makeover. Actually, it looks more like a command center for The Men In Black or James Bond with all the computer equipment on my desk.

I’m too sexy for my headset.

Areas of Life

My 6/19 post will detail how I am progressing in remaking my life – physical self, mental self, physical surroundings, family & friends, career, finances, fun/hobbies and romance/significant other. My goal is to have all areas made over in time for next year’s 25th anniversary of joining the Kearns family. (It will be a quiet celebration between me, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.)

There will be a few other posts as topics come to mind.

Stay tuned as you never know what adventure I will be sharing with you.

Here is the link to the Right Said Fred office video – I’m Too Sexy . It just might be toooooo sexy for you to handle.         😉