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52 Bible Verses for a Joy Filled Year – Week 20

It dawned on me during daily devotions that this blog post published without me finishing it. Duh!

The drafts for this series are done, but I add my thoughts and maybe some pictures the day before the post is published. Oh well, my mind has been preoccupied lately with getting things in order for my new job.

Now on to this weeks verse.

Give ear and come to me;
    listen, that you may live.

Isaiah 55:3 


I was not sure what to write in regards to this verse and then it dawned on me that I need to share a new resource with you. (Disclaimer: This is NOT an affiliate link, therefore I will not receive any compensation when you click on the links.)

I’ve been receiving an email a day from Biblegateway entitled 10 Minutes with Jesus. It started with Mark 1 and it is the Breathe Bible (Tyndale House, 2017). It is a wonderful audio version with actor’s Kevin Sorbo and John Rhys-Davies among many others.

They started this on April 1st, but I did not sign up until late April and received the recording of Mark 1 on 4/29. Hopefully this will be a permanent fixture on their site.

We all have 10 minutes we can spend to listen to God’s word. You will get to know Jesus better. What a wonderful investment in your life.

Listening so you may live a joy filled, fruitful life here and then live eternally with God in heaven later.

Mother’s Day

It just also dawned on me that this week’s verse is appropriate for Mother’s Day. Listen to your Mom so that you may live, because if you don’t listen well…you are going to be in big trouble. At least that is they way it was when I was growing up. Not sure it is still that way today.

So besides listening to the Bible today, listen to your mother. Doing both will definitely allow you to live.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms.


God bless you for doing the hardest job on earth.