Death, Death and More Death in March

It’s a rainy Friday as I sit here writing this post while eating cold oatmeal with ground flax seed meal but at least the coffee is hot. The oatmeal was hot, until I signed into Facebook and saw that death claimed family member #3 this month (2 out west on Dad’s side and one here on Mom’s side).

So I called Mom and the oatmeal got cold – oh well, that’s life. Better I eat cold oatmeal after a long conversation with Mom than eat hot oatmeal with no conversation. I just wish the reason for calling her was a happy one.

Two were older people and therefore not surprising but still sad that the relationships they had with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have ended. However, the one last night was a relative younger than me, that stinks especially since there are also children and grandchildren involved.

I find myself asking why is God not done with me yet? I am single, no children, grandchildren and no job. Why do I have a future and my cousin does not? It makes no sense, but God only does what makes sense to Him. 

Someday when we bow before Him, we will understand.

Until then we move forward with life taking our loved ones with us into our future.

new growth

Death here means experiencing the ultimate Spring – rebirth in heaven.