What I Planted In Faith

When Joe passed I made the decision to stay in our house. There was no doubt in my mind this was the right decision. Joe and I searched long and hard for this house (4 months and 1 week). A house he knew was good for us, but deep down inside he knew the house we bought must be a good place for me if I outlived him.


Movin’ On Up

After we moved in, Joe mentioned moving up to another house. I told  him no.

He asked the following question:

You mean you do not want a bigger, nicer house?

I replied:

You can move into a bigger, nicer house with another Mrs. Kearns but this Mrs. Kearns is staying put right here.

Turned out that conversation was very prophetic because it will be 9 years next month he moved into the bigger, nicer mansion in heaven with numerous Mrs. Kearns’ (His Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma etc..).

Me – I am still trying to stay planted in this 1,100 square foot ranch with an amazing view.

My Backyard

What I Planted In Faith

After Joe passed and I got laid off from the bank, I planted in faith:

  • A better paying career so I did not have to move.

After starting this blog, I planted in faith:

  • God’s use of this blog to help widows and help my career. (It has helped widows but blogging is not an impressive skill to potential employers or career counselors at the local workforce development center.)


I am attempting to keep faith in God growing the seeds but it is tough, even when using music, Bible study, daily devotions, prayer and exercise as tools.

A New Tool 

Recently I came across a quote by Elisabeth Elliot on Kaitlyn Bouchillon’s blog

Don’t dig  up in doubt what you planted in faith.

The quote pertains to Kaitlyn’s word for 2017 -Planted.

In my case the quote pertains to what I planted in faith since Joe’s passing – that God would help me achieve my dreams.

Digging Up In Doubt

However, there are times I find myself doubting staying here is God’s plan. So when I read Elisabeth Elliot’s quote the other day, I reminded myself this is where I’ve always felt I needed to be and therefore – stop doubting.

I must keep the faith so I’ve made Elisabeth Elliot’s quote a part of my life. I have it taped to the wall above the computer screen and even have it taped to my car’s glove compartment. Got to do whatever it takes to fight off doubts planted by the devil. In God’s time, what I planted will bloom.

What Did You Plant? 

Remember what you planted in faith and keep watering it with your prayers instead of digging it up with your doubts.

In God’s time what you planted will bloom.