10 Unique Funeral Songs

I started off this week filled with rage, anger, frustration and with pure evil in my heart. I realized I had to do something about it and writing a rant or going out protesting would do no good. That is when I decided to sit down at the computer and do some research to update 2 ancient posts.

Most Popular Posts

These are the 2 most popular posts every year since publication. The movie fanatic post is viewed more than the musicians, even though I find the musician list more unique.

Some Of The Songs I Discovered

I discovered other songs for funerals, and concentrated on picking the unique, different or downright bizarre songs as that is me  – unique, different and at times very bizarre.

Here are 10 unique ones from a Telegraph article and an article on Everplans.com.  There are more listed in both articles but these are the ones that appealed to me.

Speaking of Glory…


Thee 10th song was removed because it was found to be offensive. It was not, it’s just I have inherited a quirky sense of humor from my father’s side.