November on JoyReturns

Happy November!

What will find on JoyReturns this month?

First of all I better be sitting her tomorrow afternoon typing a post about the Cleveland Indians winning their first World Series since 1948.

I also have a few opinion posts in draft form that will hopefully see the light of day this month.

Time to Redecorate

This wonderful blog theme has been retired. I can keep using this one but since it is 5 years this month that I chose this theme, I think it is time for a makeover.

WordPress offers nice free themes and that is what it will have to be unless they run some really awesome Black Friday deals on premium themes, which is what happened 5 years ago.

So I will be looking through their themes this month to find one I like. The name will remain the same but the color scheme and layout will probably change.


Other than opinion posts and a possible new theme, it will be quiet here on JoyReturns. I need to catch up on some reading in between job search activities.


One final word for you Indian fans. When they win tonight (power of positive thinking in action) savor the moment. 

You never know when it will come again or who will be around the next time.

Joe was here for their last World Series appearance in 1997. At that time I never dreamed it would take 19 years for the Tribe to get back to the Series, or that Joe would not be here to experience the excitement.

In the grand scheme of life, this is just a game but it brings the community together. Anything that brings family, friends, and the community together is a good thing.