31 DJFJS Day 31: The End


The Write31 Days challenge ends today – hallelujah! I am thankful and joyful the end is here.

This year’s challenge was brutal, more brutal than expected. I did not plan on missing days but my bubbly went flat. (like the Indians did last night.)

I will wrap up this series on job searching with a story about what happened this morning when at the local Workforce Development Center having my resume reviewed and tweaked in the Resume Lab. There was disagreement with A. over what should be on my resume.

Street Address

A. wanted my street address in the header because anyone can find my street address very easily doing Google search so put it in the header. Besides, companies like seeing street addresses on resumes.

Street addresses to me are a waste of valuable real estate. Besides if someone breaks in the house they had to have done research to find the address which in my mind indicates “forcible entry.” Whereas if I give it to them on the resume, that could be considered giving them permission to enter my house. (Needless to say, I do not think like you normal people.)


A. also wanted my blog link removed from the header information.

No. It shows I learned new technology and gives them the link to the blog in the prime real estate section. Now granted, learning to blog does not mean a hill of beans to 99% of employers, even though you took the initiative and added another skill to your repertoire.


The section where I list the pertinent skills is now entitled Proficiencies instead of Skills. I just thought of another skill I need to add – WordPress.


While I am not a fan of summaries, I relented and added one. A summary is better than an objective statement. As far as summaries go it is one of the better ones I’ve seen, but then I am biased.

Seasoned marketing professional with experience sharing vital company information online, verbally and in writing. Knowledge of company products and services in the banking, collections, insurance, outdoor products and social media industries.

I looked up the word “vital” in the thesaurus to find a better choice. One of the definitions of vital is energetic. Under energetic are the words:

  • Energetic
  • Vigorous
  • Vivacious
  • Dynamic
  • Vibrant
  • Bubbly
  • Spirited
  • Animated
  • Lively

There was some debate but I chose the word “bubbly”.

Seasoned marketing professional with experience sharing bubbly company information online, verbally and in writing.

Is how the first sentence would read.

A. was not impressed but H. loved it!

Needless to say bubbly became the word of the day at the center.

I decided on fundamental, but not thrilled with it.

Walk Away

After doing the resume it is important to walk away from it and look at it again in a few hours or days. It is how I figured out there are still changes that need made. For instance – “Seasoned” in the summary statement is going bye-bye. Not sure if I will replace it with another word.

That was my bubbly adventure for today. Now off to get ready to network with the Trick or Treaters. I think I will go as myself this year, that should be scary enough for everyone.       😉

(As always, names not used to protect the innocent.)

Wishing you a joy filled, bubbly day.