31 DJFJS Day 11 – Blogging


When I started blogging in 2011, I thought it would look wonderful on my resume in addition to helping and/or educating people. After all it shows I can learn new technology. So many people my age want nothing to do with learning new technology whether it pertains to social media or a new program at work.

Not me, I always have to be learning – and learning about everything (except math). God created me to be a bookworm and a life long learner. When I read, I have pen, hi-liter, sticky notes and notepad handy. There is a lot of various types of information floating around my brain.

Did blogging have an impact on my job search – no. I think one or two interviewers mentioned it but otherwise no impact at all. Most interviewers ignore the blog.

But I still keep at it because I love it and hopefully one day it will be God’s  will that my blog will somehow make an impact on my job search.


Thankful for:

  • my readers
  • blogging technology
  • being someone who loves to learn and is a bookworm