31 DJFJS Day 7: Oh No, It’s Friday!


Life gets harder around noon on Fridays because job search panic sets in. Life slows down and there is very little going on in my life Friday through Sunday.

It’s not like I am an extremely popular person and asked to attend parties on the weekend. No, it is very quiet in my house. I do get out and spend time at the library on the computer since I do not have one at home.

But for the most part, I am home alone. That is when I need to rely on my inspiration reading list.

Here are my suggestions for great inspirational, feel good reading:

Anything by Mark Batterson, Shauna Niequist and Ann Voskamp.  (links to their most recent books. Ann’s releases on 10/25.)

Stay: Lessons My Dogs Taught Me About Life, Loss and Grace by Dave Burchett (Kleenex alert). I read this after Rommie passed away last year and loved it.

Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim’s Tale by Ian Morgan Cron  A novel about a pastor who loses his faith and finds it again thanks to an Uncle who is a monk and a dead saint. I finished this novel in 2 days because I could not put it down.

Website LiveHappy.com. You can subscribe to the magazine and get emails from them.

Guideposts.org website. Filled with inspirational stories and blogs, plus you can order books and magazines. They even have recipes for you to try.

Movies: Julie and Julia, Elvis: That’s The Way It Is, Serenity, and Michael Clayton because of George Clooney’s end speech. I too am a fixer just like Michael Clayton. ( Oh, by the way Karen Crowder had Michael’s car blown up. You need to know that for one part of the speech to make sense.)

Job Search Research

Weekends are also a good time to check out sites like Fast Company, Forbes, Inc, or any other industry appropriate site. That way I can gather articles to share on social media, especially LinkedIn.

Fresh Air

Finally, I also sit at the little table on my deck and get some fresh air while reading or writing blog posts. It is amazing how looking at the woods behind my house calms my concerns. It’s where I go to feel close to God.

100_0422 - Copy


Thankful for the above view.