31 DJFJS – Day 6: Cheap Sheep Soup


Part of the self-improvement work I am doing during this job search is practicing tongue twisters.

The book I downloaded on my Kindle is Tongue Twisters for Kids by Riley Weber. It has been on my Kindle for a very long time and the other day I decided to make it part of my job search.

Tongue Twisters improve pronunciation and are used by anyone who wants to sound clearer and more eloquent when they speak.

They also provide great entertainment when mispronounced. I remember growing up laughing loudly as Mom, Dad, Sis and I had fun trying to say “Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers.”

Your assignment starting today is practice saying “Cheap Sheep Soup” until you can say the phrase 10 times with out twisting the words so they sound like something else.         😉

I do not care how excellent a speaker you are, this should challenge you for awhile. I am not able to say it without tripping over the words.


(Hopefully you have a Kindle, because as of 10/5/16 the Kindle version is FREE!)


Thankful for the Kindle my Sister-In-Law (it was her idea) and Brother-In-Law got me 4 years ago. Love it! Sleep with it! (ocean sound from Relax Melodies Premium App)