A Scary and Sweaty October

It’s September and in the blogging world that means it’s time to get ready for October and another round of Write 31 Days.

I will once again be participating in the Write31Days  along with thousands of other bloggers.  Although I swore I was not doing it this year because it is draining. However, I need to get my blogging skills back up to par so I accepted the challenge.

The topic will not be about grief  but will be about another adventure I’ve experienced and that is – job searching, which is worse than writing about or going through grief. Trust me, unemployment is worse than grief – but that topic will be addressed in one of my 31 Day posts.

Not sure what form this job searching series is going to take but there are a couple of possibilities:

  • 31 Days of Joyful Job Searching
  • 31 Informational Interviews in 31 Days

Both topics make me sweat and scare me worse than watching “The Screaming Skull.”

To take my mind off writing about job searching, I will also be posting 31 pictures on my photography blog OgleOhio. The series will be 31 Days of Autumn in Ohio.


If any of my Northeast Ohio readers have suggestions for where to go or want to accompany me on a shoot, please email or call me.

So join me on one or both blogs during October for a very colorful and joyful adventure.






2 thoughts on “A Scary and Sweaty October”

  1. Thank you for the prayers Andrew. I love your idea for 31 Days and can’t wait to read it. Continuing to send prayers to you as well.

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