My Computerless World

My computer died the day before I started my current job.

It is tough being without a computer and I do not foresee having a computer or my home phone and internet service for years. (The library is now my office.)

I’ve written a lot less both on this blog and by putting pen to paper. I’ve also photographed a lot less since there is no place to upload the pictures.


I’ve noticed more because I am paying more attention to the world.

50 Shades of Green

There are more shades of green in the woods behind my house this year than I’ve ever seen before. The black walnut tree has more leaves on it this year with layer upon layer of variegated green leaves over lapping one another.  Their color is deeper, richer more vibrant and lush than in previous years.

Clouds (not the ones in my coffee)

I’ve noticed more definition in the clouds as well. There are shades of white, gray and black that play beautifully of one another and the way the clouds interact with the various shades of blue in the sky and the shades of green in the trees is magical. They colors stand out from one another but yet they all blend together.

Concrete is Beautiful

There is a breathtaking view on my drive to work when I crest a hill and see the expanse of blue sky, the fluffy whitish clouds, the pop of green from the trees all unexpectedly enhanced by the gray of the concrete freeway as it rises up the next hill on it’s way to meet the sky.

Whoever would have thought that a concrete freeway could be considered a beautiful sight?

My Goal

My goal is to keep this attention to detail whether or not I get another computer and get back to photography.