Lesson #1: Bestowing Kindness

noun: kindness
  1. the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

The greatest lesson I learned volunteering at the Republican Convention is

Sometimes networking is all about bestowing kindness and not about getting anything in return.

I was:

  • friendly towards the delegates, and the man with the assault rifle
  • generously gave of my time helping men and women from out of state feel at home
  • considerate of others being so far from the comforts of their home and away from family.

I went into this experience hoping and praying that God would use it to break the chains on my career. A career that has never recovered since initially being laid off 7 years ago. (Yes, I am thankful and blessed to currently be employed.)

However, I did not meet my

  • next husband
  • my next employer
  • another best friend

God simply used my volunteering as a way for me bestow kindness upon a group of strangers. A group of people who were more like family when they left.