Lesson #4: Picking Your Hotel

If you decide to be a volunteer at a hotel where delegates are staying, pick your hotel based on the state or states you visited. The list of where the delegates were staying was published in the newspaper and after my mandatory training class, I looked at the list online.

Once I saw the New Mexico delegation was staying where I choose to work, I signed up for 2 more shifts. I had no idea where delegates were staying when initially choosing my volunteer location. Guess God, Dad and Step Mom were looking out for me because I chose it based on distance from home.

The delegates were surprised that a volunteer had not only been to New Mexico but had traveled extensively throughout their state.

I explained that Dad and Step Mom lived there for over 20 years before moving back to Ohio and how Dad loved to get in his truck and drive anywhere and everywhere. They roared with laughter when I told them we drove to Roswell just to eat at the flying saucer shaped McDonald’s. (We also visited the UFO Museum.)

We enjoyed a time of great fellowship, although it was all too brief because they had to go listen to Trump’s acceptance speech. Hopefully they felt a little more at home because I had traveled their state.

It just goes to show how God uses our experiences in life to benefit us and others.