I Challenge You To…

Start a gratitude journal.  A journal, steno book, three-ring binder or anything else will work.  Decorate it anyway you want.  Anything that will help encourage you to write in it.

Take a few minutes every morning and write a list of 10 things.

For example:  If you live in Northeastern Ohio, every winter’s day you see the sun shining you would list that as something for which you have gratitude – most likely in the # 1 spot.

The idea is to further develop your grateful attitude.  Hopefully doing this each day will help you find other items you are grateful for that you might not ordinarily consider.

Up For More of a Challenge?

Then at night, write a list of 10 things that happened during the day that filled you with gratitude.   It might be tough but it will force you to reflect back on your day.

After keeping this journal for a while, email me and let me know how this has changed you.

Wish I could take credit for this idea but I stole it from my Pastor’s wife.

Thanks Cathy.



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2 thoughts on “I Challenge You To…”

  1. Michele, I really like this suggestion about gratitude journals. If we all focused a little more on the wonderful things in our life, no matter now simple, just think of how much kinder we might be to ourselves, each other, and to our planet.
    Thanks so much for sharing your ideas & prospectives.

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