Dear God – I.Believe.In.You.

This post is the third installment of the I.Believe.In.You. series (part 1, part 2) I am running in conjunction with Jeff Nischwitz’s 30 Day Blessing Challenge. The next installment is 1/6/2016.


Dear God,



Why would I believe in you when this world is broken, beat up, and flat out busted?

Why would I believe in you when I am 3/4 of the way down the sewer? (The only thing preventing me from going completely down, is my clinging to the cross as it is lying sideways across the sewer hole.)

Why? Because not believing in You means there is:

  • no eternal life,
  • no belief that today will be a good day, 
  • no hope for a brighter tomorrow,
  • no reason to give thanks, 
  • no joy, because joy does not exist without thanksgiving.

I need to believe in someone greater than myself, someone in whom I can trust, and someone who is with me 24/7 on this roller coaster journey called life.

That someone I choose to believe in is You God.


I know what your plans are for me in 2016. They are the same plans you have for everyone of your children –

to become a person who possess the same character as your son Jesus Christ,

to become a person who evangelizes by living like Jesus, which means serving others. 

That is your plan for me and all humans in 2016 and beyond.

How You Will Grow My Character

The circumstances and events you will use to grow my character are unknown. And I do not want to know the future because if I did, I would freak out. (there I go, linking to a disco song.)

2016 Prayer Requests

If it is not too much to ask, dear gracious and loving heavenly Father, would you in 2016:

  • please stabilize my career.
  • please put more people in my life who are willing to help me up.
  • please put more people in my life who understand $10.00 an hour is not enough to pay a mortgage and all the other household bills.
  • please put people in my life who are my age, whether married or single, who I can socialize with at barbecues, picnics, or just sitting around a bonfire.
  • please put more people in my life who believe my staying in this house is a valid, worthwhile dream and needs a stable well paying job to come true.
  • please provide me with the resources to up my blogging (Update: as of 12/29 He provided me with my first resource – a free course that starts in January.)

Notice I said “please” before each request God.

I thank you in advance God for all the requests written and unwritten you will fulfill.

Another Reason

God, another reason I also believe in you is because this and…



“Good Time For Clam Digging In Chiniak, AK”  (wjq – taken between 1952-1956)

and this…

Princess Ledges, Brunswick, OH (formerly the shores of Lake Erie tens of thousands of years ago).

did not happen because of some “big bang.”


For all these reasons and more







P.S. Please grant all my readers safety tonight whether or not they are going out for New Year’s Eve.

3 thoughts on “Dear God – I.Believe.In.You.”

  1. I believe in your dreams, Michele. I believe that there is a God who loves you, and who is guiding your hand in your witness that while so much has gone wrong…you still trust Him. It’s a powerful message (and one from which many prominent American preachers shy away, preferring to promise material blessings as a kind of ‘reward’ for faith).

    For what it’s worth, the whole Bog Bang thing is really statistically inadmissible. Evolution-by-mutation, for instance, a popular theory, ignores the fact that nearly all mutations result in sterility or degradation. And we have never seen evidence, even in the fossil record, of one kind of animal becoming another kind.

    Using Occam’s Razor, and accepting the simplest admissible answer as the right one, we’re left with…God.

    I’m so glad to know you, my friend. You’re in my daily prayers.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post. God is all we have and all we need. So thankful to Him for our friendship. Keeping you and Barbara in my daily prayers as well.

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