Dear Santa – I. Believe. In. You.

Dear Santa,

I. Believe. In. You.


You kneel before the Christ child. You have your priorities straight as far as the true meaning of Christmas.


You are good. Why wouldn’t I believe in someone who is good? There is too much evil in the world. I need to believe in everyone who is good.

You do good. You spread cheer around the world. You bring joy and magic to children, who look at you with the wide-eyed wonder that somewhere along the way most adults lost.

You see good. – You leave presents for people  who are naughty as well as nice because you see good in everyone. May that be the Christmas present you leave everyone this year – the ability to see good in our fellow man (especially with a Presidential election next year).

So as you make final preparations for your flight on Thursday night, I want you to know –

I. Believe. In. You. 


God bless you Santa.


“Honky Tonk Woman”







P.S. This elf will be hitching a ride with you on Christmas Eve. Give her a hug and kiss from me but do not let her get bossy about giving Rudolph directions .          😉


This post is part of Jeff Nischwitz’s  30 Day Blessing Challenge.





3 thoughts on “Dear Santa – I. Believe. In. You.”

    1. Thank you for your kind words Andrew. I cherish the gift of our friendship everyday. You are a wonderful blessing to me. God bless you.

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