Final Update on Save Sophie The Husky

For you new readers: Every once in awhile I post stories about different animals in life or death situations that I come across on Facebook. This gives you my readers a chance to sign a petition and/or pray about the situation. The animals are usually in dire situations due to us humans.

Such was the case of Sophie the Husky. She accidently slipped out and killed 4 chickens in the neighbor’s yard. (The neighbor was illegally raising free range chickens.)

Sophie was shot 4 times at point blank range and thanks to God, she survived only to face euthanasia for being a vicious dog. Her owner faced 6 months in jail.

According to the latest Facebook update – Sophie is safe from euthanasia and her owner will not have go to jail, thanks to an arrangement reached with the District Attorney’s office.

Once again the power of social media helped save a dog from certain death. Thank you dear readers for whatever you did to help. God bless you.


and Rommie too.


Who had no problem retrieving everything from stuffed animals to dirty laundry, to the two 5 week-old kittens from under our deck.

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