Signing Off Until 2016

I woke up in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago and wrote these sentence in the notebook by my bed:

I don’t want to feel like I am in this life all alone. I know God is with me but 99% of the humans in my offline world are not.

These words sum up my 2015. It has been a very lonely year, at least in my “offline” world.

I feel worn out and need to disconnect and recharge my battery.

It Could Be Worse

Yes, life could be worse and I am thankful my circumstances are not worse.

But I went into 2015 so hopeful and convinced this was the year I would break through and THRIVE instead of survive. (I know, the year is not over year and thriving is still possible.)


So I am off to lick my wounds, and attempt to rekindle the wide-eyed wonder of the holiday season and life in general.

Wonder that is not dependent upon having a job or a boyfriend because I have neither and when I do, they will each bring their own wonder to every  season.

You can follow my progress over on OgleOhio.com (there is a place to subscribe at the bottom of the page on OgleOhio) where I will post pictures of my holiday adventures. However, I am not sure how often there will be something to post.

Thank you my loyal readers, I am truly humbled by your support and encouragement this past year.

God Bless You and may you enjoy this season.


See you on OgleOhio.com or back here in 2016.

Don’t forget about the Holiday Help 2015 page with plenty of links to various resources. I will keep updating it as I come across sites that will help you.

“Honky Tonk Woman”