Save Sophie the Husky

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post for something more worthwhile…saving Sophie the Husky

Here is the link to the petition on Change.org’s site to Save Sophie the Husky.

Sophie is a 13 month old puppy who accidently got out and went over to a neighbor’s house killing a free-range chicken. The owner of the chicken is illegally raising them.

He shot the puppy at point-blank range.

God worked through the vet and Sophie will live – but only so she can be euthanized for killing the chicken as she is now labeled a vicious dog.

Please sign the petition and then share on any social media accounts you have. 

The people behind this battle are the same ones who worked to Save Beau last year under similar circumstances. Through the power of social media we can save Sophie as well.

Sophie has her on Facebook Page “Save Sophie the Husky.” 

Thank you and God bless you.

Michele & Rommie (2002 – 2015), who would have done the same thing if our neighbors had chickens.

Me & Grandpa's Stuffed Golden
Me & Grandpa’s Stuffed Golden

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    Please read this, and sign the petition. The whole thing’s a farce, and an innocent dog who survived being shot four times will be killed – for nothing.

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