Tour de Parks: Alderfer-Oenslager Wildlife Sanctuary

Last week, I got in my new used car and headed south to visit Alderfer-Oenslager Wildlife Sanctuary and Wolf Creek Environmental Center. I have been itching to walk this as part of the Tour de Parks but life just kept interrupting.

It was a beautiful late summer day and the scenery was gorgeous, even though the heat has taken a toll and fall is setting in. I walked the 1/2 mile wetland trail but plan on being back once fall color takes hold, and walk the woodland trail.

Ready, let’s head down the path by the green and red trees.


What is that tree with red on it? I do not know but boy did I have a fun shooting pictures of it. I love the color combination of red, green against the blue sky.

Cherry_Saturated Cherry_Saturated_1 Cherry_Saturated_2 Cherry_Saturated_3 Cherry_Saturated_4

See, I told you I had fun taking pictures of the trees.           😉

Now on down the path we go to the environmental center. I left the center with plenty of pamphlets so I can start planning the 2016 Tour de Parks.




This is on the other side of the environmental center. It is here that I leave you to explore this serene place. That is the shadow of my head and it will have to suffice as my selfie for this walk.

Enjoy the slideshow and be still and know that He is God. 


4 thoughts on “Tour de Parks: Alderfer-Oenslager Wildlife Sanctuary”

    1. I know it does. I hit the publish button too soon. It is part of the 31 Tricks to Scare Away the Grief Monster series running in October. Sorry about posting early.

  1. Sorry I have not commented in a while – not doing well here.

    Love the green and red trees. A favourite memory is a street in Fresno, seen in November 2000, that was a tunnel of luminous red and green.

    Thank you for the Tour de Parques.

    1. You are welcome Andrew. I am always concerned when I don’t hear from you, and relieved and grateful when I see your comments. May God bless you and Barb today with peace, love and joy.

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