Buddy’s Cry For Help – How You Can Respond

JoyReturns was started as a way for me to encourage and support widows by sharing my own widowhood adventures. However, once in awhile a story comes along and I make an exception…this is one of those times.

Buddy’s story first appeared in my Facebook feed yesterday because it was shared by Please Help Beau, a community of people who banned together late last year to save Beau from euthanasia earlier this year.

This is a brief summary of Buddy’s story from Angels for Iowa Iowa’s Facebook page

  • Buddy lives in Stout, Iowa in a dirty, watery kennel 24/7. The water is filled with his own urine and feces. His dog house is also water logged so he has no dry place to sleep. An officer from the Grundy Iowa Sheriff’s office met a concerned citizen at the owners house and gave the concerned citizen permission to move the dog, since the owners were not and had not been around.
  • Buddy had a microchip that was registered to Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo, Iowa who was contacted and gave the concerned citizen permission to care for and rehome Buddy.
  • A week later, another police officer appeared at the residence of the concerned citizen and made them give the dog back to the owner.
  • Buddy has not disappeared.

How You Can Help

There is a petition on Change.org (link) that you can sign which will hopefully force the authorities to hold the owners accountable.

Social media is a powerful tool as it helped save Beau earlier this year and I know it will help Buddy as well.

No dog should have to live in dirty creek water filled with his own filth and not have a dry bed on which to lay is head.

Won’t you please be an angel and help him by signing the petition?

Angels for Iowa Iowa

This is the link to Angels for Iowa Iowa’s Facebook page ( you need a Facebook account) where you can read all the information. I did a Google search but did not find a webpage for them. If I find it, I will post a link here.

Thank you for reading and signing.

God Bless You.


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