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What Rommie’s Mommy’s Life Is Like Now


Life has changed a lot since Rommie’s passing.

The house is quiet. I listen to music, watch movies, or turn on the radio so there is some noise in the house. It is amazing how much noise one dog can make.

While I miss her there are 2 other new pressing issues in my life:

  • recovering from being rear-ended on 8/8
  • recovering from being sent back to unemployment line on 8/13

Yes, that is right. I am no longer working in the relocation industry.

I will not discuss each incident for various reasons.

I will periodically discuss my job search efforts.

As for Rommie – she is back home in a small cedar chest being guarded by a Perfect Petzzz named Bolivar (Dad’s golden retriever) who is sleeping on top of the chest.

(The above photo is the arrangement I put in the vase on Joe’s grave. The tennis ball is from the flower’s I had on Joe’s casket.)



The future of JoyReturns looks “so bright I gotta wear shades” during the next few months, but first I need to wrap up a couple of things.

The Tour de Parks series, where I walk one park a weekend, will end in September. I just need to confirm how much walking and driving I am allowed to do right now in order to determine the end date.

My final thoughts on Rommie and the events of 7/31 will be published on Sunday 8/30.

There will be an announcement on Tuesday 9/1 about the series running the entire month of October – a series in the works since June. A series that had me asking God

“Who am I going to lose…Rommie, Mom, someone from the Kearns’ side or a combination?” 

Yes, it will deal with grief but I am putting my own unique, out-of-the-box spin on the series.

So stay tuned, it’s going to be a fall filled with lots of treats.         😉

4 thoughts on “What Rommie’s Mommy’s Life Is Like Now”

    1. Thank you Andrew. You are and always have been in my prayers. God bless you with a peaceful passing if your time has come. Just know that Rommie is waiting to give you lots of sloppy wet kisses.

      I thank God for your friendship.

      1. Stiill here, shaky, but if is indeed time to go, looking forward to seeing Rommie.

        If i go, it’ll be posted in my blog. Please pray for Barbara. She has been a saint.

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