The Feeling Of Finality

It’s Thursday and in my little corner of Northeast Ohio that means one thing – tomorrow is trash day.

This weeks trash will be filled with used tennis balls, a vacuum cleaner bag filled with fur and pet dander, and dirty paper towels from cleaning out the bin in the pantry where I kept her bag of food.

I know I will see Rommie again but throwing out her stuff and doing some cleaning feels so final, like a permanent end and not a “see you later” end.

Even Mom experienced this feeling when she put a tennis ball and the mat Rommie’s water crock sat on, in her trash the other day.

We both know it is not final but it feels final.

The way to deal with the finality feeling is to pray for comfort and strength to push through it and hold on to the knowledge that it only “feels” final.

We will see her later when she greets us at the pearly gates. I have no doubt there will be 2 tennis balls in her mouth, she will wind up her head, like a pitcher winds up, and throw the balls at Mom and me with the same velocity of a professional baseball player.

That was her way of “inviting” company to play.             😉

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