Rommie & The Thunderboomers

(Author’s Note: I came up with the title for this post weeks before Rommie’s passing and knew I had to write a post with this title. I also think it would make a GREAT name for a band.)

No One Here

A thunderstorm rolled in last night while I was talking on the phone to Mom – and there was no one here to bark at the thunder boomers.

Rommie came to live with Joe and me in October 2002 and during the winter we had some thunder. The first time it happened, we said “Oh, she’s never heard that before.” Well that drew her attention to the thunder and after that she would bark at the boomers.

Ooopppssss… Joe and I made a big mistake. We often wondered if we had just ignored the thunder and not said anything, if she would have developed a fear of thunder boomers.

She would not destroy things when thunderstorms happened while Joe and I were at work, but boy was she glad to see us when we got home.

Rommie almost knocked me over when I walked in the house after work one day during the first summer after Joe’s passing. She was moving faster than a speeding bullet when she heard the garage door go up and met me as I walked in the dining room a force as great as the Tasmanian Devil. At work I had watched the storm move through our area on the local TV station’s website. There was a lot of red on the radar so I knew the boomers had to be very loud. Her behavior confirmed it.

“I’m Too Tired”

I remember one time, we were outside doing a lot of throwing the tennis ball. Then a storm came through and after it passed, we went back out for some more playtime. After the second round of playing I looked at the weather map and told Joe “We have about 2 hours before the next storm rolls through, so Rommie and I are going to bed and get some sleep before it hits.” He agreed it was a good idea.

Sure enough 2 hours later the storm rolled in and there was this big flash of lightning followed by a very loud clap of thunder. Rommie just lifted her head after the flash and laid back down after the thunder with a loud sigh as if to say “I’m too tired to bark at it.”

So from that point on, we tried to make sure Rommie was tired if we knew a storm was coming. She would still bark once or twice or do what all kids do and jump in bed with Mom and Dad, as there is no safer place to be when the thunder is booming.

My dear golden girl, I hope you now know that thunder boomers are nothing of which to be scared.

Rommie enjoying a late summer day.
Rommie enjoying a late summer day.

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