A Couple Quickie Updates

Blog Colors

It is back to the regularly scheduled blog colors now that the Cavaliers have lost the NBA Championship.

Oh well…we are use to saying “There’s always next year.” here in the Cleveland area. It’s been the norm for the past 51 years. At least our prospects for a championship are looking up.

Tour de Parks

My walk last week through a local area park, got rained out. We had periods of heavy rain followed by sunshine. Since I take my camera on these walks I could not risk getting caught in one of the sudden downpours. I am planning on a double walk this weekend but tropical depression “Bill” (name after my late father) could have a say in my plans. Right now he is wrecking havoc on a water-Texas and Oklahoma and I should see him later this week.

Hope everyone is having a joy-filled week.

See you in a few days. thinbutterfly




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  1. Sorry about the Cavs. I was cheering for them. You are welcome to bask in the glory of a certain Chicago hockey team… Da Hawks! Yes, we really do talk that way in Chicago 🙂

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