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Wisdom: Becoming a Mom at 92 – to a 76 Year-Old Daughter.

This joy-filled story has been all over the news the past couple of days. I just had to share it as it is about my Mom’s dear friend Muriel Clayton and her new daughter Mary. Watch the video and click here to read Steve Blow’s article in the Dallas Morning News. 

Stories like these are the ones that need to go viral and this one is going viral. These wonderful ladies will be on the Today Show this morning.

2 thoughts on “Wisdom: Becoming a Mom at 92 – to a 76 Year-Old Daughter.”

  1. Dear Daughter, thank you for sharing Muriel’s story with the world. She is one special lady to me and always will be. I am so proud to be your birth mother and see how far you have come with all your personal struggles. I am proud you are my daughter and am also proud of your sister even though she does not want to be part of my life.


    1. Thank you Mom. I always said there is no other family I would rather have been born into. It was a pleasure sharing Muriel and Mary’s story. They are both wonderful women.

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