Tour de Parks: Susan Hambly Nature Center – Brunswick Ohio

In the woods between 2 Brunswick shopping malls is the Susan Hambly Nature Center at Brunswick Lake.  I stopped there last Sunday to finally walk the other side of the Lake. The walk was .65 miles. I purposely shortened this walk because I had to save some stamina for yard work.

Walking the canal felt like stepping back in time. Walking through the woods this week felt like stepping into another world. A world of dancing dwarfs, cherry pie, cups of Jo and a log lady. You have to be of a certain age and quirky mindset to know I am talking about the tv show Twin Peaks.  

Let’s go into the woods and perhaps we will meet the log lady.

Starting Point
Starting Point






It was at this point in my walk that I decided to tie this post in with the log lady from Twin Peaks.

Here is a slideshow of the pictures I took. Enjoy the logs.

Stay tuned because I have not decided where the next Tour de Parks walk will take place. All I know is I am having fun exercising and sharing a piece of Northeast Ohio with you.

Our journey ends at the boardwalk because I ran out of space on the card in my digital camera.


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