New Chapter And A Swinging Lunchroom

Today was the start of a new chapter in my life.

Instead of working with outdoor equipment, I am now in the executive relocation industry.

One of the biggest changes is the lunchroom. Instead of a lunchroom with cabinets, appliances, and vending machines, my lunchroom now looks like this…



because I am a short distance away from one of the Cleveland Metroparks.

Here are some of the scenic views I now have every day.



Red Frisbee Bend





After taking these pictures, I did something I have not done since childhood:




It felt wonderful to get out of the building and enjoy nature. I believe getting fresh air and some light exercise helped me retain at least some of what I learned yesterday morning.

New chapters in life are wonderful when you voluntarily choose the new chapter. This job opportunity was presented to me and I jumped at the chance to make a better life for Rommie and me.

Who knows what chapter will open next in my life – perhaps the dating chapter or the socializing with friends chapter.

My Wish For You

May you seize the new opportunities presented to you and may God bless you with a lunchroom just like mine.





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  1. That’s the BEST workplace I have seen Michele. Please share each week at #DanceWithJesus Linkups on Friday. SusanBMead.com/blog-2 Join the dance ~ your words will bless us!

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