Tour de Parks: End of Lock 39 Journey

After visiting Lock 39, I walked further south to a bridge at Stoney Road. I told myself it was not that far. Besides, I was feeling very energetic. Then I got to Stoney Road and I realized I walked too far. So I sat on a rock facing north with a small bag of dog doo-doo resting on the rock’s south side. .

Here are pictures from the Stoney Road Bridge (which was closed off for repairs).

Stoney Road Bridge



The Canal Flows Southward
Facing North Back Towards Lock 39

Then I started the long journey back to the Lock 39 Trailhead. I kept reciting Philippians 4:39

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

The other verse I said was 1 Thessalonians 5:19

Do not quench the spirit.

Periodically I would ask God to refresh my spirit so that it would not be quenched.  It was in the upper 80’s on Saturday. But periodically God sent breezes to keep me cool and comfortable.

I arrived at Lock 39 and decided to sit by the mile 11 sign marker and enjoy being in the moment and taking in a piece of history.

Mile 11 Sign Next To Lock 39

I looked north along the towpath trail…


and looked south along the towpath trail.


I thought about all the people who walked the trail guiding the mules that pulled the boats up and down the canal.

I decided to get up and head north when my eye caught sight of something. It was then my spirit got a big dose of refreshment, because suddenly I was not alone.


Mr. Heron was back. I stayed about 15 more minutes photographing him. The best shot is showcased over at OgleOhio, my photography blog. It was so quiet I am sure he heard me shooting pictures. He was very cooperative.

Mr. Heron was there all along, I just did not see him. God is the same way – there all along and then suddenly something happens and we see Him.

I left Mr.Heron to his fishing expedition and headed back to the Trailhead. No one was sitting on the bench so I sat down and took off my sandals to get the pebbles out of them. I felt tired but energetic, happy to have seized the opportunity to walk the canal but sad to leave the peace and quiet of a by-gone era behind.

Our journey has come to an end. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed walking the Ohio & Erie Canal through pictures.