Tour de Parks Update – There’s Something In Michele’s Head!

Being sick sucks!

Last week there was a cold going around work (customer service call center) and also a stomach virus.  Numerous people went home sick throughout the week.

Praise God I did not get the stomach virus!

However, Saturday I started with sinus drainage and Sunday I had a head full of congestion. So once again, I was sidelined from walking in the park. UGH!

I was home Tuesday and worked a shortened shift yesterday. There are no paid sick days for us seasonal workers so illness hurts the bank account as well as my head.

Joe and I had a plan for handling colds – cajun chicken wings and fries from a local restaurant. The person who did not have the cold went to the restaurant and got 24 wings and 2 orders of fries. The wings and fries cleared out the congestion better than any drug.

Now he is not here to go get me cajun wings and fries and I do not feel up to the short drive. Oh well, will go there when feeling better to clear out the remaining garbage from my head.

At least there is no doubt that there is something in my head.       😉

I was going to post some interesting pictures I happen to take this week but do not feel like downloading them from the camera and sorting through them. The pictures I took are of an event that happens only once a year in the spring before the woods behind the fence are overgrown.

Will hopefully have those up Saturday.

Now if you will excuse me, my nose is running off to Timbuktu and I must go catch it.




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  1. Get well soon! A Whopper and a milkshake was always my go-to cure 🙂

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