Tour de Parks: Frozen Out Again

Peonies From Michele’s Garden


Well, the 3rd round of Tour de Parks got frozen out just like the second round. This past weekend was bitter cold and my sinus’ would not hold up during a walk around a park. Hopefully, we are done with the bitter cold after this week and I can start walking again this weekend.

New Here? 

I know there are a couple new readers to this blog, so let me explain Tour de Parks.  It is my goal to walk one Northeast Ohio park per weekend as part of the Faithful Finish Lines fitness program. This round started March 1st and ends April 25th. I am also taking pictures of the parks so you can share in my adventure. Faithful Finish Lines is a wonderful program I wish existed when Joe passed as I needed something or someone to motivate me to move more. My weekends were spent sitting on the couch conserving energy for the next work week.

Exercise boosts mood which is what widows need, even if the boost lasts only a few minutes or hours. When you are grieving, you embrace and cherish the moments you feel marvelous – even if you are huffing and puffing. You feel a sense of accomplishment which takes a piece out of the grief monster. He wants you beaten down, feeling sorry for yourself and loudly proclaiming “Woe is me!”

Now that the weather is starting to get nice, ask a widow to go walking, or biking, or hiking, or whatever exercise she feels up to doing. If she says no, be gently persistent.

If you are a widow, find an exercise buddy or join Faithful Finish Lines. It is a wonderful group of faithful, faith-filled women I am blessed to have in my life.

Oh, and speaking of boosting moods – I hope you are enjoying these peonies from my garden.