A New Adventure: Writing Poetry (snicker, snicker)

Learning has been my number one goal ever since getting smacked upside the head with grief, and then a year later career transition. What can I learn from this experience that will help me grow and become better personally and/or professionally?

That is also what I want women and the rest of society to see is the potential for growth a woman has when she becomes a widow.

Last year’s growth opportunity was learning about outdoor products – log splitters, lawn mowers and snow blowers – Oh my!

This year’s growth opportunity is – poetry. (I pray this is the first of several good growth opportunities this year.)

WordPress is starting a new Writing 201 class today in which some of my fellow bloggers and I will attempt to write poetry.

Here is my first attempt:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Snow is widespread

and so is the flu

I know, that was pretty painful.

If you are expecting to discover that I possess the talents of William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, or Elizabeth Barrett Browning, you are most likely going to be disappointed. Only God knows what untapped talents lie buried deep within me.

After all, I’ve learned banking, blogging, collections, grief recovery, retail sales, and outdoor products well enough to be considered the go-to person for questions about either systems, policies, procedures and/or portfolio’s (sub-prime mortgages, auto loans & leases, lines of credit, home equity loans, and mortgages).

So I hope you will stop by during the next two weeks to see what I am learning from my latest joyful adventure.

Have a blessed week,